UVF® Universal Vacuum Filter Disc Technology

High Performance Solid Liquid Separation


The Universal Vacuum Filter UVF® – features fundamental advancements in continuous rotary vacuum disc filtration technology for solid liquid separation of mineral concentrates and tailings dewatering.

FM Technologies’ proprietary UVF® vacuum disc filtration equipment is proven to dramatically increase production rates, produce thicker dryer filter cake, and significantly lower CAPEX, OPEX, and power consumption.

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Welcome to the 5th Symposium on iron ore pelletizing.
Welcome to the 5th Symposium on iron ore pelletizing.

UVF® Outperforms All Other Rotary Vacuum Disc Filters

Minerals Tailings

Chemical Processes

Minerals Concentrates

Industrial Processes

Energy Production

Industrial Wastewater


And More…

Better separation.

Better performance.

Better technology.

UVF® Produces Thicker Dryer Filter Cake

Iron ore tailings show collected on UVF™ Vacuum Filter Disk Sector.

Thick dry filter cake solids of Iron Ore tailings produced by UVF® Vacuum Filter disc sectors.

Thick. dry iron ore concentrate on UVF Vacuum Filter disc sectors.

UVF® Vacuum Filter disc sectors yield thicker dryer filter cake solids of Iron Ore Concentrate.

Chemical concentrates shown collected on UVF™ Vacuum Filter Disk Sector.

UVF® for Chemical Processes form a thicker dryer filter cake on Universal Vacuum Filter disc sectors.

Universal Rotary Vacuum Disc Filter – UVF® Technology

Iron ore concentrate shown collected on UVF™ Vacuum Filter Disk pilot test equipment.

UVF® Technology for Solid Liquid Separation


The all new, patented design of the UVF® rotary vacuum disc filter utilizes proprietary filter media designed to optimize solid liquid separation by incorporating hydrophilic-hydrophobic multi-capillary flow paths.

Our vacuum disc filter media, combined with proprietary design innovations, ensures the highest and most efficient throughput of any vacuum disc filter – outperforming both cloth and ceramic. In many cases UVF® provides significant advantages over other separation technologies such as filter presses.

Most Effective Technology for Mineral Concentrates and Tailings Dewatering


Focusing on mineral concentrate and tailings dewatering, the proprietary design of the UVF® filter media provides very high throughput rates, low filter cake moistures and enables backwashing at up to 10Bar (145 PSI) where required. This ensures excellent solid liquid filtration rates and long filter disc sector life.

UVF® vacuum filter disc field testing of mineral concentrates, such as iron ore concentrate, have demonstrated throughput rates exceeding 3 to 10 times that of other separation technologies. For example, many competitive technologies advertise 1-1.5 mtph/m2 whereas the UVF® filter has achieved in excess of 4 to 10 mtph/m2.

Iron ore concentrate shown collected on UVF™ Vacuum Filter Disk Sector.
Thick, dry iron ore tailing filter cake.

Thicker Dryer Filter Cake


FM Technologies’ UVF® vacuum filter disc media combined with our proprietary cake removal system, allows for direct scraping of the filter media – enabling filter cake up to 3 inches (8cm) thick to be effectively discharged.

Rotational speeds of the filter disc sectors are adjustable from less than one rpm to greater than ten rpm – providing the operator with a wide range of parameters to ensure the most efficient production of thicker, dryer filter cake.

Lower Capital Expense and Lifetime Operating Cost


Comparative CAPEX studies performed by a Global Engineering Consulting firm experienced with iron ore filtration plants have shown that a 50% or greater reduction in equipment and installation costs is achieved using UVF® Technology versus other solid liquid separation technology.

Significant OPEX savings are realized using UVF® Technology which delivers the highest production rate per unit filter area, produces thicker, dryer filter cakes, provides longer vacuum disc filter sector life, eliminates additional air requirements via the removal of a snap-blow cake discharge, and utilizes a vacuum system with significantly lower power consumption.

UVF cost savings info graphic.
UVF® , UVF® -Ultra, CeramiGuard® , UVF® Sector Technology
KEY Advantages of UVF® Technology


Typically 2 – 25 times the throughput (Solids & Filtrate) of existing vacuum technologies.


LOWEST POWER, LEAST EQUIPMENT/INFRASTRUCTURE REQUIREMENTS,  SMALLEST FOOTPRINT… typically 1/5 to  1/10 area or less of conventional technology installations!


Produces thicker, dryer filter cakes… typically 1-8 cm Vs conventional 0.2 to 2 cm… with cleaner filtrate!


1 to 8 RPM or HIGHER Vs conventional typically 0.4 to 1.5 RPM


As well as conventional filter media including ceramic, cloths, and specialized media


Suits widest range of individual applications

For more information, download our UVF® Product Brochure

Testing Services

Testing may be completed at a FM Technologies center or on-site at a customer location.
Test centers are available in both North and South America


FM  Laboratory/bench testing is suited to each individual application. Testing is executed with exceptional expertise and experience to provide accurate, scalable results that are representative of the UVF® commercial equipment installation operating parameters.



FM  Pilot Testing uses a SMALL COMMERCIAL FILTER with testing suited to each individual application. Testing is executed with FM’s exceptional expertise and experience to provide accurate, scalable production that represents a UVF® commercial equipment installation.

Iron Ore Tailings on vacuum disc filter sectors.Iron Ore Concentrate on vacuum disc filter sectors.

Test centers are available in both North and South America.

Welcome to FM Technologies

FM Technologies was founded by Steve Benesi in 2013. Steve’s key objective was to innovate and develop new filtration technologies that outperform all current technology by a magnitude or more. This resulted in the development of Universal Vacuum Filter® technology. Prior to founding FM Technologies, Steve Benesi developed a highly successful pressure filtration technology that was later acquired by a large mining equipment supplier. Steve has spent over 35 years in the filtration industry.

FM Technologies is a SEPARATION AND FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION that DEVOTES >95% OF ITS RESOURCES to developing the world’s highest performance filtration and separation technology. FM TECHNOLOGIES core emphasis is on the development of innovative filtration technology – this is in contrast to many large companies where the emphasis is on sales of existing technology and lack focus on product innovation.

FM Technologies is based in the USA with testing and manufacturing in both North and South America.