New Filtration Technology – Universal Vacuum Filter

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Chemicals and Bioproducts

Mineral Concentrates

Mineral Tailings


  • Significantly Higher Throughput per unit area (2 – 25 times).
  • Produces thick, dry filter cakes (1-8 cm).
  • Operates at high RPM (1-8) RPM.
  • Smaller footprint – a little as 1/10 area of conventional technology.
  • Filter plate design eliminates common plate problems and breakage.
  • Lower CAPEX and OPEX.


  • Filter features Newly Developed and Patent Pending Filtration Technology.
  • Filter throughput per unit area is significantly greater than competitors.
  • Filter provides the highest performing vacuum filtration technology – displaces existing rotary disc and ceramic disc filters.
  • Filter accommodates patent pending filter media that outperforms all other filter medias – as well as conventional filter medias – ceramic, cloths, specialized media.


  • Greater than 2000% production improvement per unit filter area –
    • Site testing of iron tailings slurry using FM Technologies newly developed ceramic sector technology was highlighted by greater than a 2000% (20 x) production improvement per unit filter area compared to existing filtration equipment under like conditions.
  •  Lower Cake Moisture and Cleaner Filtrate –
    • The FM production enhancement was accompanied by lower cake moisture and cleaner filtrate.
  • No Loss in Performance –
    • The FM sector technology had no loss in performance during the entire series of tests – FM sector technology was extremely resistant to plugging compared to existing technology.